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There are strict rules about the qualifications of a VET trainer, without these trainers limit their job opportunities and risk their RTO’s registration.


A compliant trainer can demonstrate they have had recent, up to date work in their industry, either as a paid or voluntary employee, functioning at the level of the qualification they train.


The document that maps the whole package of what a trainer can do, not only is this a showcase of ability, it’s essential for compliance.


There is no excuse for a trainer lagging behind with their training practice, as there are so many opportunities to develop skills and knowledge in the training industry, and be proactive.


The underlying motivation that keeps a trainer passionate and focused, so their students are engaged and successful, and they have the best career opportunities.

Answer 40 Questions and Get Your Scorecard

The Stellar Trainer Scorecard benchmarks your skills, knowledge and currency as a Trainer and Assessor, as well as providing you with feedback on how to improve your currency.

Take your VET knowledge and skills to the next level and understand what it takes to be the highest quality trainer


About the Stellar Trainer Scorecard

The Stellar Trainer Scorecard is designed to help Trainers and Assessors to understand the key skills and knowledge to be a compliant and an outstanding Trainer. By completing the scorecard your Trainers will have a complete understanding of their strengths and weaknesses as a Trainer and Assessor.

Answer 40 Questions and get your Trainer Score
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"Training and assessment should only be provided by those who have current industry skills and knowledge, how do you demonstrate that?


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We have been helping training organisations around Australia to get compliant and stay compliant since 2009

“The Vivacity team are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We recently added a course to scope and with Amanda’s experience, expertise and guidance we felt prepared. The team was extremely helpful through the process and We launched our newest course with complete confidence."

Kylie Jordan -  Ettinghausens

"I cannot recommend this business more highly. Their membership is outstanding, they freely give help, training and information. They went above and beyond to help my business keep up to date and compliant at all times. Thanks to the Vivacity team."

Christine Chittenden - Transformational Institute

Anyone contemplating an RTO can’t go past Vivacity! Highly recommended!

Josh Brook - Safeguard

Great team. Love the coaching sessions Professional & Patience . Excellent at what they do.

Abhay Kumar

Feedback on Scorecard

Comment on LinkedIn

"I must say it was an eye opening! The scorecard is so easy to read & it instantly gives a clue while reading where the exact gaps are !

I came across trainers who think anyone and everyone can simply deliver a unit and become a trainer !! Moreover they also think that a person who has simply completed some qualifications can be assigned to develop assessments without hving any TAE, or without hving zero understanding about unit mapping and or elements of criteria !!!

This is simply a wonderful story telling which clearly projects the very difference between just a trainer & a stellar !

Thank you for enlightening us through your scorecard research."

Sharmin Qazi

Discover Your Stellar Trainer Score and increase your Trainer Superpowers

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